Two weeks in the life of Wilfred and Inigo 

Two weeks ago I broke up from school and I’ve been remiss in updating the blog.

We’ve had a busy old time if it. We went to Ibiza for a few days which was exciting as we had to get up in the middle of the night.

To wake ourselves up I insisted we went for a swim in gran-gran’s non heated pool. Even the Big m has never swim this early in the year – she has now! It was freezing! Not to be deterred we also decided to sample the sea

It was pretty cold too. The Big M said it was ‘bracing!’

We went out for some lovely lunches 

Here I am feeding gran- gran.

We also went to lots of playgrounds

And visited grandpa

Bopped gran gran on the head with the bopper

And saw a very big fish in the harbour

As soon as we came home we were off again – this time to London for various hospital appointments.

Between these we went swimming at St Pancras’ new pool – which was AMAZING. Apparently it cost £123m to build. You can see why. It had water canons, water jets, jacuzzis and a massive shallow kids pools complete with floats and toys.

We also went shopping to buy a new frying pan. Argos on TCR has got a lot smarter 

The weather was glorious so we hung out like Londoners in the park

Visited the church the Big m and d we’re married in (and I was christened in)

It was also the Big m’s bday so we walked along the Thames (if you look closely you’ll see a man with no head! -sadly he was moved on by security after we gave him 50p)

We saw lots of boats including The Golden Hind – sir Francis drake’s ship (we had to look that up!)

And walked along a floating pontoon

we also had a lovely lunch at st Katherine’s dock.

It was all rather too much so Inigo and I both had a snooze in the sunshine

On Saturday we left London and headed back west for solomon’s christening. It was a lovely do held at one of only five thatched churches in the U.K.

Once the b m became godmother Lou we went back to best friend Lucy (Solomon’s Aunty) house. Inigo rather enjoyed the catering

And Solomon enjoyed the grand national – his dad’s horse came in second! Well done Vincent!

Back at home we carried out some more mundane tasks – like the washing

And hoovering (well, eating)

And gardening

Then yesterday we went to meet the Big m and d’s university friend, Charlie and his son Will at the Swanage railway. The Big d got recognised loads and ended up having to ride on the footplate of the Devon Belle.

Whilst we travelled in the carriages.

We also went to the beach and had a paddle  (not much colder than Ibiza)

And built sandcastles

All in all a good few days.

Lots going on this week too….

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