Eggs galore!

Over Easter we’ve had an eggstordinary amount of eggs.

The geese have started laying and so we have a fridge full of goose eggs. We’ve made goose scotch eggs – which are the size of my head, cakes, tarts, pies, enormous boiled eggs, you name it we’ve made it!

We were also visited by the Easter bunny. He laid a trail of eggs around the garden for me to find – I loved it and am still munching my way through them!

We’ve also been busy. We’ve been to a few parties – an Easter party at Zephyr’s house and a school friend’s birthday which was held at school (his parents are the boarding house parents). He had an amazing bouncy castle. It was ace.

We also saw lots of friends with GAS and uncle shags cjming to stay over Easter and then Lucy and Aunt Nicky coming Cole lunch followed by our Shropshire friends dropping by for tea on their way back from their holiday from Cornwall.

We’ve also enjoyed the good weather and spent lots of time gardening and playing outside. 

Amongst all of this we’ve also been to gymnastics, music class and returned to our respective school and nursery. Phew! Time for a rest!

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