Roly poly, splash!

Yesterday I discovered the joy of roly polying into the swimming pool from the edge! (much to the delight of the Big m who kept nagging me to mind my head on the side) I spent the whole hour perfecting my technique and am now a champion roly polyier.


Yesterday we took a trip to Knightshayes in Tiverton Devon. They have a very famous walled kitchen garden. In the potting she’d area at the top there was the opportunity to plant your own beetroots. Inigo and I both planted a pot and are having a race to see who’s grows the fastest… keep tuned for the results!

Swanning around 

We went back to Abbotsbury to see the cygnets and we weren’t disappointed. They’ve already got almost 100 newly hatched swans and lots more in the pipeline

Inigo was too little but I was allowed to help feed them

It was amazing how they knew that it was lunchtime. Hundreds of them congregated at the feeding point way before the food turned up!

After a picnic lunch we turned our hand at the hazel maze and found some cool things like this xylophone

And this game of hoopla
There were also some supercool go karts. The Big d and I raced Inigo and the Big M. We decided it was a draw

Alien invasion

This week the Big D and I went to London for my kidney appointment. At hospital I met Mr Catastrophe and he made me a balloon alien for being a good patient.

Once we were finished I took the Alien for a tour round The British Museum so he could see the history of our planet.

First we ate some lunch – he was hungry having travelled so far from space

Then we looked round

We saw some Egyptian mummies. I explained that these were different to mummy

And then I showed him my newly acquired fossil knowledge by spotting another ammonite

After that we ran out of time so had to catch the train home again

He’s settled in quite well at home; for an alien.

My first ballet lesson 

I’ve just come back from my first ballet lesson – and without a doubt I am a Nureyev in the making!

Here I am demonstrating my prowess at home:

Anyone got the number for the casting director of Billy Elliot The Musical?

Fossil hunters

We went to Charmouth on the Jurassic coast which is famed for its fossils- like this one which is the largest ammonite ever found

We started off in the heritage centre learning about fossils

And then we hit the beach

Despite hunting high and low we were unlucky on this occasion. We’ll have to come back with our geological hammers!

Undoing 32 years of hard graft

Inigo’s new favourite pastime is peeling the stickers off the Big M’s mirror. She started collecting and displaying stickers on the mirror when she was six – it’s taken 32 years of dedication to become the fine specimen it is today – and just a few minutes to desecrate it. Anyone have any superglue?