Fossil hunters

We went to Charmouth on the Jurassic coast which is famed for its fossils- like this one which is the largest ammonite ever found

We started off in the heritage centre learning about fossils

And then we hit the beach

Despite hunting high and low we were unlucky on this occasion. We’ll have to come back with our geological hammers!


Undoing 32 years of hard graft

Inigo’s new favourite pastime is peeling the stickers off the Big M’s mirror. She started collecting and displaying stickers on the mirror when she was six – it’s taken 32 years of dedication to become the fine specimen it is today – and just a few minutes to desecrate it. Anyone have any superglue?

Love Petanque

Granny and grandad have been to stay and they brought with them a game of boules. I’ve become rather expert – in fact I haven’t yet lost a game (and the Big D isn’t even just letting me win!!!!)

I’ve also become rather a dab hand with a tennis racquet. Move over Andy Murray. Wimbledon here I come.


It’s been a tyring few days? Why? You ask… because I have a new tyre swing which the Big d made for me. We’ve spent much time perfecting the ultimate swing – in terms of positioning, velocity, height etc!

Goggles ahoy!

I swam my first width unaided! (Without arm bands or the Big m and d’s assistance)

I jumped in one side, bobbed up to the surface and swam across and got out the other side! I then repeated (a lot!). I like practicing new skills