It’s a rare occurance that Inigo stops for a bit of R&R as he likes to be on the go all the time (when awake). But this afternoon he was after a bit of a snuggle.


Beer of the beach variety 

We visited Beer on the Devon coast. 

It was very pretty and quaint. A proper fishing village. 

And served very good Ice cream 

We also found an amazing wet fish shop and will definitely be returning as the crab was apparently the yummiest the Big M had ever tasted! 

And when inigo’s a little but older we plan to go mackerel fishing which is a popular pastime in Beer. 

Somerset museum

We took a jaunt to The County Museum in Taunton to learn a thing of two about where we come from. 

Inigo had lots of fun playing with old pieces of tile

Whilst I spent my time counting the coins from the Yeovil Hoard

And looking at interesting exhibits look me the famous mosaic above of depictions of the Somerset Dragon emblem 
The Big M rather enjoyed a quote she found – it reads: “the Somerset people are of a large size and strong but in my opinion very slow and lazy… and very much given to drinking and eating” – well there’s something to aspire to at least!

Old McWilfred and McInigo had a farm

This afternoon we went to a farm open day down the road in South Petherton. 

We learnt loads – for instance as a nation we eat 26 million eggs a day and UK farmers produce 36 1/2 million gallons of milk each day – crazy. 

We had a picnic lunch

Followed by some tractor action

And then some quality time with the animals. I liked the baby cows the best

And we even got to sample some tasty food

Afterwards we went for a quick stroll up Ham Hill 

And visited Stoke Sub Hamden Priory which has an amazing dove cote (with a door specially made for me!)

Followed by a garish blue icecream. 

And a quick play at the park

Car wash – yeah!

Special treat – we went to the car wash. I’ve been wanting to try one out for ages!!!

It was super cool. First the robotic arm squired soap all over us, then 3 massive  green, spongy, roller things set about cleaning us and then an enormous hair dryer gave us a blow dry. The car was sparkling. 

Sadly it rained 20 mins later and we drove through lots of mud… 

trip to the car wash again soon?!

Salvador Inigo

Inigo has discovered a new talent – painting. Whilst he produced a very good canvas (now proudly displayed on the wall) the real work of art was himself 

I got in on the act too

That is a picture of a steam train – an aerial view provides better perspective