Chalke valley 

On Sunday we all took a trip to the chalke Valley History festival to catch up with some friends and listen to the Big d talk about steam trains (although sadly he was on stage after our home time so we missed him)

But we did get some photos! Our spies are everywhere!

That said we had a lovely time watching the reenactors, browsing the stalls and watching the air displays.

Roll on next year!

Showcase part 2

And here are the missing pictures!

Swing your partner round and round

And more graceful twirling

Win all your races

And finish off with a well deserved ice cream … (ice cream, did someone say ice cream?… hurry up!)


Inigo’s day out 

Most miffed, whilst I was slaving away at school Inigo went out on a jolly without me to the car museum. One of my absolute favourite places.

Looks like had had an amazing time on the slides and looking st all the vehicles. Hmmpff.

Showcase day 

Saturday was showcase day at school. This meant that I had to go to school on Saturday in my uniform…!??? And granny, grandad, GAS and the Big  M & D and Inigo and too.

We started the day demonstrating a county dance

Then we moved onto performing a song in French

Next up it was my chance to showcase my amazing ballet skills

However, in the wee small hours of Monday morning I stole the Big ms phone and deleted all of the pictures and videos of the dancing  and the following sports day pics (which incidentally I dominated by winning all three of my races!!), replacing them somehow with photos and videos of the Big m’s very dark bedroom.

I will be contacting my paparazzi to provide more photos in due course so that I can share ballet and sports day in greater detail. Until then, au revoir.