Here fishy fishy fishy fishy fishy

Inigo spent a lot of time today catching fish. He chose the double handed method and did pretty well. Whilst he didn’t actually catch a fish he caught loads of sand, shells, seaweed and a shoe.

Uh oh – pas de pieds

Oh zut alors mes pieds ont disparu – ou se trouve?

A bon. Ils sont dans le sable. Phew

C’est st malo

Today we learnt a new word – c’est,  meaning ‘it is’.

So when I pointed to the town across the water I was able to say ‘c’est st malo’.

As a result we decided to catch the boat across – 2 of us chose to sit outside and 2 of us sat in the cabin

Once we arrived we decided to take a stroll around the walls – well in my case a stroll on the walls

and do some exploring

We also had a browse around the town and had a yummy ice cream – I had cherry flavour and we all decided it was the best ice cream we’d ever had

Then we caught the boat home again

There was a flea market in full swing when we got back to dinard and we found me a pair of jelly shoes for rock pooling for a Euro – which was very fortuitous as we were going to buy a new pair for 11 Euros so a very good find!

Goodbye England, bonjour France 

It’s the last week of the holidays so we’ve decided to decamp to France – along with the rest of the uk if the queue for the ferry was to be believed 

The ferry sailed from Portsmouth to Caen and took 6 hours.

We spent most of it outside. First we used the handy binoculars to spot The Victory and new aircraft carrier

Then we watched Portsmouth fade into the distance

Next we ran races on the deck

And watched the bow wave

And explored the ship

And did some reading

And pretended to play some computer games

And then magically we were in France

So we said goodbye to the mont st michel ferry

Retrieved our car

And enjoyed the scenery as we drove to Dinard

Zip a dee do dah

On Thursday we ventured to Pecorama the train themed fun park. We are members but this was the first time we’ve visited during the school holidays… we probsy won’t make this mistake again!

However every cloud has a silver lining and due to the crowds we ended up doing some of the less well known activities such as the zip wire

And the model train exhibition where I honed my train driving skills. Peep! Peep!