Protected: You’re a wizard, Harry. 

On our way to granny and grandad’s we stopped at a village called Lacock, which is the home to Lacock Abbey and the location for a number of Harry Potter film sets. The sets include some bits of Hogwarts, Harry’s parebt’s house and a number of classrooms

However quite a bit before Harry Potter it was also the home of the Fox Talberts, one of whom invented photography, or at least the negative. We saw the window that was the image of the first ever negative.

It ask gad a camera obscura which was super cool. It’s basically a shed with a hole in it and the image outside is projected upside down in the wall. Look you can see the Big M!

It being August and England it rained heavily so we had to tsje shelter in the parish church. It was beautiful!

And there was even a playground to have fun in once the rain let up


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