Blue feet

On Sunday the weather was pretty rubbish. But being British we decided not to let it ruin our plans. So irrespective of the driving rain we headed off to our local Nationsl Trust property. There wasan ulterior   motive as the Big N and D wanted to have a gander at the reed matting in the long gallery as the Big M is currently making a carpet from sheets and table cloths procured from Stalbridge Laundry’s rejects.

Due to the downpour we were asked to cover our wellies with blue plastic booties – quite the fashion accessory

I think the Parisian catwalks are safe for another year.

I was also a super responsible Big brother and when Inigo wandered off I went to get him.


One, two, three, four, five 

Once I caught lots of fish alive…

We spent a couple of days with my godparents whilst they were House sitting in the new forest. The house was AMAZING. Super slick with all mod cons – and plenty of old cons too. Like a wood fired pizza oven in the garden which the Big D made a bee line towards

My god brother, kitt, and I spent a few happy hours catching some fish on the plentiful streams around the house – I caught lots…

The key to my success was getting totally involved.

I’m considering joining the local angling club to show them how it’s done.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Last night we had a special treat – we went to a party and were allowed to stay up past our bed time! – believe me that’s a once in a lifetime occurrence!

The party theme was Hollywood so we went ‘en famille’ ax the Hollywood walk of fame. Here I am am with the Big M modelling our costumes

And here is Inigo in his

The party was super cool. There was an amazing 20 meter water slide which was indescribably amazing and a bouncy castle

And loads and loads of food

And some ducks to keep Inigo amused

All in all a very good evening!

Christmas is coming 

So it’s already August and the Big M is already panicking about Christmas. Although she is already a good third through her shopping.

She’s also pleased to be ahead of the curve in the drinks making stakes due to a very early crop of blackberries. Here we are baking some Christmas cheer – I don’t know whether that is and apparently I’m not allowed to try it either….

Red Arrows

On our way to Exeter the other day we were driving along the A30 and out of nowhere the Red Arriws appeared over the hedge line. They had apparently been in the area for a display at Lyme Regis and were now headed to Blackpool. It was definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time.

Say ahhhh

I’ve been reading Dora the Explora goes to the dentist so I am well rehersed and it laid dividends for my trip.

Not only did I get to look like a cool dude in the eye protector wear – I said ahhh very well and learnt that I have all 20 teeth and they are very well spaced for my next set to come through.


Stones featured quite heavily in our weekend.

Inigo enjoyed playing with the stones on granny and grandad’s path

Then on our way home we stopped at Lockeridge Dene and Piggledene for a picnic. Not only does this teeny hamlet have a playground but a stone river. Apparently it used to be a post glacial landscape of sarsen stones that make it look like a stone river.  Sarsen stone can also be found at Stonehenge.

Talking of Stonehenge – we stopped there too – for a wander around the site and a cheeky ice cream.

As you can see the Go Jetters came too – which is a relief as we wouldn’t want Grand  Master Glitch to glitch this ancient scheduled monument.