Dinner party

On Friday Inigo and I went for a dinner party with our friend and godbrother Solomon.

We had yummy home made chicken nuggets, alphabites and broccoli followed by a yogurt and Rocky bar.

As you can see our table manners were exemplorary

Lost at sea

There was drama aboard the Mont St Micheal on our return trip. Inigo went for an adventure on his own. One minute he and I were happily running around the soft play area and the next he had disappeared.

Cue tannoy announcements for a missing child and a search of the boat.

Eventually the Big D found him – he had scaled 2 flights of stairs, walked the entire length of the boat and was highly annoyed to have reached a door that thankfully didn’t open.

It’s only when you’ve lost something you realise quite how large ferries actually are!

Buttons galore

Inigo and I love to press a button or two and happily in France there are many…

We have the life buttons

And the gate buttons

The problem is we now have to do everything twice so each of us has a turn!