Spooky ghosts and batty bats

It’s Halloween and the ghosts are out

The bats are too

Luckily our friendly pumpkin is keeping them all at bay

Happy Halloween!

The simple things 

We found a lovely puddle whilst out for a walk

And some tree stumps

And then Inigo drove us home


The only way is backwards

Inigo learnt to drive this afternoon but his only direction was reverse. Admittedly he was super speedy but I’ll be offering driving lessons over the next few days to see if he’ll drive forwards.

Art classes with gran gran

Inigo and I have signed up for a course of art lessons with gran-gran. This morning’s lesson was play doh animals. 

Tomorrow we’re progressing to sugar mice. Think we’re going to enjoy the aftermath of that one!!!

Bye, bye Biza, bye, bye

Today the big G (Gran-Gran) left Ibiza to move to Somerset – although we have quite a wait until her house is ready so she will be staying with us for 6 weeks.

Bye-Bye Biza – but we’ll be back to visit