The last lunch 

It’s gran gran’s last day in the white Isle and it was miserable. 

It rained all morning – But I was determined to go for lunch at the shack which is gran gran and my favourite restaurant – so we braved the weather ( or at least the big m & d did)

And headed into town for some find wine and  grub. Yum yum


De ne, de ne, de ne, de ne, de ne de NE 


Whilst feeding the little tiddlers some bread left over from lunch 

A shark came out of nowhere and ate the fish!!!

A lesson in Darwinism – Survival of the fittest. 

Dive master 

We’re back in Ibiza ( to move gran gran home) and I’ve become a dive master by procuring my first snorkel and mask 

Under water observation is my new favourite thing – so much so that I now like to view everything through scuba glass

Inigo is abut jealous but he will eventually get a chance to snorkel – at the Jane the though he’s getting very good at spotting fish. 

Glastonbury Tor

To make the most of the beautiful weather on Sunday we took a trip to the mystical and mythical Tor of Glastonbury

The view from the top was amazing

And the church was quite nice too

But the ice cream at the bottom was better!

Sleep over 

On Saturday Inigo and my friend Zephyr came to stay. I wanted him to sleep in my room but his mummy said he was a bit too little and might keep me awake so he slept in a different room. But it was really fun having him here as we got to play all the time!

We went for a walk on Sunday and got in lots of mischief together – we all sat down in the muddy puddles and got soaking wet trousers!!!

Next Saturday my best friend Rose is coming to stay – and she is going to sleep in my bedroom – I am sooooo excited!

Happy birthday to the big D

A few weeks ago now but I just realised that I hadn’t blogged about the Big D’s bday weekend.
We went to stay with granny and grandad and they had a surprise display set up. As we walked through the door they jumped out and shouted “surprise!”  We had birthday cake and everything!

The next day we went to Whipsnade and saw lots and lots and lots of animals.

My favourite was the bear. Inigo liked the goats and the crocodile (I think the crocodile would probably have liked the miniature goats too). And the big D enjoyed the jumbo express train. The big D didn’t like the goats – he became the goat pied piper; they kept following him and escaping out of their pen when he opened the gate!

It was a really fun day out!