The sword in the stone

It appears that I’m not the one true king – (I’ll come back later with a chisel)

Ralph Lauren but better

What Mr Lauren didn’t realise when he designed this jumper was that it would be much better with a pizza label on it.

Now he knows.

Bonfire beach party 

Last weekend was bonfire night and we were invited to a party in Lyme Regis – hanging out in a beach hut watching the fireworks from the cob. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it as we had to go to the bonfire party at school. However, our friends still have possession of the beach hut this week so we spent a lovely sunny afternoon playing by the sea.

You wouldn’t have known it was November. It was so balmy that I had to take a dip in the sea (despite the I got m not packing my swim kit – rubbish parent)

A local painter even captured the moment! And Inigo had a lovely time filling his bucket with stones and writing his name in the sand.