After so much food we thought it was time for a healthy stroll so we donned our wellies and went up Ham Hill.

We found lots of puddles and had a marvellous time!

He’s behind you

Boxing Day means only one thing… its panto time.

We went to see Cinderella and it was AMAZING. There was snow and a flying horse and ugly sisters and fireworks and lots and lots of singing and booing!

Choo Choo

On Christmas Eve we took our customary trip to Sherborne Castle garden centre to see all the Christmas displays.

The trains (as always) were our favourite

And my new hat

Father Christmas

The day after my birthday we drove to Killerton in Devon and saw a very special man who was taking a break from toy making in the North Pole.

I told him what I would like for Christmas and I hope that it will come true… I’ve been a good boy all year.

Birthday boy

I’m 4!

Don’t I look smart (so does Inigo)

I had a lovely day.

We started off by going to the Jurassic Experience in Seaton – which was more geology and crustacean focused than dinosaurs, but fun nonetheless.

We got to dress up

And drive a time machine

And make waves

And play with sand

Afterwards we went To Exeter for lunch. On the way to the restaurant we walked down one of the narrowest streets in Britain

Lunch was at one of my favourite restaurants -Yo Sushi

And then to top it off Gran-Gran took me to toysrus to buy a present – anything (within reason!) I wanted. I chose a set of 4 trains.

Happy birthday me!!!


So tomorrow is my 4th bday. I’m super excited! However, we’ve already had my party. It happened on Saturday at the Scrap Store in Yeovil. Fourteen friends and their mums and dads helped me celebrate at my dinosaur/pirate inspired bash.

We had the entire upstairs to ourselves and we each got to fill a shopping basket with scrap and then make stuff. I made a Christmas wreath out of a purple tinsel Christmas tree, a cardboard wheel, some stuffing and an old snow globe and lashings of sellotape. It’s beautiful. My friend Zephyr made a lampshade hat.

Afterwards we had a party tea with pirate sandwiches and pirate bananas and man eating sharks.

Followed by my dinosaurus-Rex cake