Lions and lights

Yesterday (after gymnastics – a busy day!) we went to Longleat for the festival of light.

We got there at lunchtime having had a car-nic of pizza and met up with Zephyr and his parents and drove in convoy around the safari park.

We saw lots of different animals but the highlights were:

The monkeys who climbed all over our car and left dirty footprints on our wind screen

The deer, who we hand feed through our window

The lions, who we definitely did not hand feed through our window

(It all got a bit too much for some of us with Inigo having a quick snooze!)

And the tigers

And the wolves

And the cheetahs

The sun then set and the lanterns were lit. This year’s theme was fairy tales and they were amazing!!!

Here’s just a selection:

Hansel and Gretal

The ugly duckling

the Gurt Wurm (Somerset dragon)Peter pan

and here’s Inigo wrapped up warm. It was a lovely day out.


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