Come on you Glovers!!

Today is a momentous day in Yeovil Town. The Glovers are playing the mighty Man U in the fourth round of the FA cup. Amazingly YTFC are notorious dragon slayers (who knew!) so I bet the Red Devil’s are quaking in their boots!

The Glovers are the lowest ranked team still standing. Fingers crossed they put on a good show at Huish Park (capacity 10k – all tickets sold)

Dinosaurs everywhere!!

Whist the Big M was in Dubai we went shopping near Salisbury only to find a herd of dinosaurs…. they were huge!!!

Not to be out done the Big M also found some where she was

And there are dinosaurs at home too… they’re everywhere!

Hello Big M

The Big M has been in Dubai for a few weeks teaching – but it’s fine we haven’t missed her as we get to see her every night at supper time. Technology is a wonderful thing!

Here I am checking out the view from her room over FaceTime – thats the Burj Khalifa the worlds tallest building.

See you soon mummy!

Happy belated New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Can’t believe it’s the end of Jan and I haven’t blogged!

It’s been super busy chez us with lots going on already this year.

We had a great New Year’s Eve with our friend Zephyr (and his parents) and uncle shags coming to stay. 1st of Jan was a lot of train play – hooray!