Ich bin ein Berliner

Sadly so far today I haven’t eaten any doughnuts but I have landed in Berlin.

Aside from the evils of Stansted

we had a good and mercifully short flight and then we made our way to the hotel. We caught a cab – which was quite cool as the regular back seats had in-built booster seats so no car seats necessary – German efficiency in action!

Once at our hotel we checked in – and then checked out the view

made sure that it had good enough floors for playing trains

Had a spot of lunch and then went for a stroll. It must have snowed relatively recently as there are still snowy remnants on the ground and the lake in the park was frozen.

We found a great playground and enjoyed the slide

Then we headed back for a schwim and jacuz.

After which we went for super in the club room. Inigo was quite the executive

until he found the tomatoes and watermelon

Then time for bed… but you can always squeeze in a quick game of trains


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