Here comes the sciency bit

We woke up in good time this mining and made our way to breakfast where Inigo and I ate almost our entire body weight in watermelon.

Then after a quick pit stop at the room to dress for the -3 temperature outside we left for the day (stopping momentarily to stroke the bear in the hotel lobby)

We walked to the u-bahn station, purchased our tickets, validated them, caught the train and travelled four stops to the Technology Museum.

It was HUGE. We saw trains – loads of them, planes – loads of them, ships – tonnes of them, jewellery making, suitcase making, paper making etc and then stopped for a bite to eat at the museum cafe and a rest!

However one of the highlights was pushing a replica mine train

After lunch we headed to the sciency bit which was AMAZING. We learnt about pendulums that discovered the axis of the earth. In Berlin the pendulum takes 30 hours to complete a circuit whereas in the North Pole it takes 25 hours and at the equator much longer.

We learnt about optical illusions and magnets and forces and electricity and sounds. It was incredibly interactive and we whiled away most of the afternoon pressing buttons, looking in mirrors, standing on platforms, shouting down microphones and building towers (and that was just the Big M&D).

Then we headed home for a chillax at the pool

And a bit of a splash around

All in all quite an exhausting day. No wonder we went to bed so easily!


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