Deeply dippy

On Friday we went in a family field trip to Dorchester to see Dippy the Dinosaur in tour. Dippy usually lives in the National History Museum but is on his holidays. Dorchester is his first stop as Dorset is famous for its Jurassic Coast and therefore is his spiritual home.

Dippy was made in 1905 and is one of 10 plaster of Paris models. The original is in the Carnegie Hall in US. The whereabouts of only 9 models is known. The last is at large somewhere in the world!

Dippy only just fits in the museum. There are only 10 inches to spare here. And actually it makes you appreciate the size of him more than when he is on display in London

We took the opportunity to look round the rest of the museum too.

Here is the famous Weymouth pliosaur.

As gran- gran said she won’t be going for a dip in those waters anytime soon!

Inigo found a dinosaur costume and enjoyed looking at all the fossils in it

Next up was the oosser. A type of scarecrow – but used to scare people not crowds we thought he looked like some of the monsters in the book “where the wild things are”

And we met Mr Punch. The Big M said he hits people on the head with a stick and says “that’s the way to do it” which doesn’t seem very nice!

And we also saw loads of skeletons – they were found at the entrance of Maiden Castle.

We completed a jigsaw inspired by them

A very good outing!


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