Back to the island

Here we are back in Ibiza.

We’ve had a lovely few days and it was very exciting being met at the airport by the Big D who flew out a week earlier.

We had fun plane spotting at Bristol airport on the roof terrace and climbing on the furniture.

And relaxing chillaxing on the massage chairs.

We’ve been for some off roading drives (not in a four wheel drive – we had to call it quits on one track!)

And lots of beach time

And of course some eating

And finally getting rid of the grime at the end of the day


In Tobago there is a commonly used verb ‘to lime’ meaning to chill out.

Today we had a double dose of liming. We went for a relax at the beach in Lyme Regis.

As many Tobagans before us we spent most of our time liming in the sea, albeit somewhat chillier than the Caribbean waters!

Avebury Manor

On the way home from Granny and Grandad’s (they very kindly put us up when we went to Thomas Land) we stopped at one of our favourite spots: Avebury.

We have stopped there many times before but have never noticed Avebury Manor – a National Trust property nestled in the heart of the stones.

It was derelict and then the BBC and NT undertook a project to bring it back to life. Every room is decorated in the style of a different era.

The unique thing about this house is that you can touch absolutely everything – and are in fact encouraged too. The only thing they ask you not to touch is the wall paper in the dining room as it was hand painted.

We were even allowed to bounce on the Tudor beds!

And play with the secret doors

We rather liked this painting too

Afterwards we (Inigo and I) were exhausted so we looked to the Big D for a lift – the human totem pole lives again!

Peep! Peep!

To celebrate Inigo’s birthday the big m and d took us on a surprise special treat to Thomas Land.

And it was AMAZING.

We saw the real Thomas (the one used in the first TV series)

And a slightly bigger Thomas gave us a ride

We passed Percy on the track

We learnt to drive on Terence

And flew Harold

And Jeremy (but we weren’t allowed to take pictures on that ride)

The Fat Controller lent us his car – hoot hoot

And we also went on a lovely classic car ride around Sodor

We put out fires with Flynn

Helped James chase a red balloon

And clattered along the tracks at the Sodor mine

I also went on my first roller coaster – which I loved!

Not to mention the amazing indoor play centre

The zoo and the dinosaurs

It certainly was a jam packed day of Thomas fun!

Happy birthday Inigo!

Last week was Inigo’s second birthday. Doesn’t time fly. Only feels like 5 seconds ago that he was born.

We had a lovely birthday tea to celebrate

completed by the big M’s speciality hedgehog cake!

And of course no birthday is complete without presents

Or trackmaster Thomas!

The beast from the east

Today was a snow day – everything was shut so we didn’t go to gymnastics.

We had fun though making a snow man (quite tricky as it’s the wrong kind of snow – it doesn’t stick together – and we had to break an inch thick crust of ice to get to it)

And trampolining

And watching the geese ice skate