Beach and cave

It’s been a few days since we’ve arrived home but before leaving Ibiza we spent a few days exploring the island including driving to the northern most point of Ibiza – San Vicent which has a beautiful beach and a few restaurants and not much else.

We had a lovely lunch at a fab restaurant which had boats under the floor!

Afterwards we played on the beach

And found a boat

Then we drove to San Miguel along hairpin roads (the big m had her eyes tightly shut and was hanging on to her seat for dear life.

We eventually arrived at a cave which was discovered over 100 years ago by fishermen. They used it to store contraband and smuggle things like coffee, sugar, tobacco and spirits on to the island. There is still a guy of 96 in the collage who remembers crawling along the fissures with his father who was one of the original smugglers.

The cave was warm – it never stops below 15 degrees and that is because if isn’t under a mountain. It’s very close to the surface and therefore is warned by the sun.

It is beginning to dry out because rainfall has decreased and humidity is decreasing. This means that the stalagmites and tites aren’t growing so much anymore.

It was a fascinating trip!

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