World Book Day

I’m running a bit behind… It’s the busy life I lead!

But Thursday was World Book Day – we celebrated it at nursery on Friday. We were asked to come as a character from our favourite book, so of course I went as a duck – my favourite book being Five Little Ducks. The big M made me a duck shaped onesey) which bore a striking resemblance to the Honey Monster) and I looked very cool. I particulaly liked the orange wellies that we purchased to go with the outfit – very natty and useful for everyday life. They go particulaly well with blue trousers. Gok Wan and Trinny and Susannah have nothing on me when it comes to fashion.


We’ve got some new additions to the household – two Siberian pedigree cats called Milly (brown)and Mathilda (grey), although we’ve nicknamed them malty and shedalot. Shedalot only has three legs, having lost an argument with a car a few years ago. Her back end’s a bit lopsided but other than that she copes remarkably well – jumping and climbing just as well as her four-legged sister.

We’ve inherited them from friends whose new son is incredibly allergic – despite them being hypoallergenic. That’s irony for you Alannis Morrisette.

They seem to have settled in well and are making themselves at home. I am enjoying looking after them which involves trying to catch them and stroking them when I can. They love it and me!

Duck tastic 

Today was a day filled with ducks, making it an A+++ day in my book. The big M and D have a uni friend staying (who can deffo come again as he is very good at blowing bubbles for me to pop) so we went on a jaunt to the UK’s smallest city, Wells. Around the Bishops palace is a moat chockablock full of ducks (bear in mind to me a duck is anything with wings).

Here I am finding my first ducks of the day

  Then I peered through a window in the old potato store and saw loads of proper, real ducks … This was truly a highlight. I spent a lot of time here 
And then we went to aEdit  reclaimation yard and found this ENORMOUS duck

So many ducks, so little time


Oh no!

As many of you know ‘oh no’ has become my catch phrase. And now I’ll get to use it even more… Introducing Oh and No, my new pet ducks. I can’t remember what breed they are something beige, I think.

Uncle Oo-ah up the drive has just hatched Oh and No for me and I went up to visit them. He said I can have them in a few weeks time when they’re a bit bigger. The Big D is going to build them a house by the pond. Soooo exciting!

Snakes, feet and fathers 

It’s been an eventful day already and we’re only half way through.

I got up nice and early so I could wish the big D a happy Father’s Day. I made him a card at nursery and a cast of my foot (I did they last year too). This year though I moved so it’s more of a splodge than a foot. Better Luck next year!

 Then because we were up we decided to do to the West Bay car boot as the big m and D need some outdoor chairs. We didn’t find any though. Next up was church (which we were really late for as lee thought it started later than it did) and then home for a spot of gardening. The big M found a snake. (Don’t tell Ibiza granny – she’ll never step foot here again!). That’s the end of the big M’s gardening career. After a lot of googling (sometimes a bad thing as initially we identified it as an eastern brown snake, which is really dangerous) and discussion we caught it in a saucepan and relocated far away from the garden. Although as it was a baby grass snake, the big m has subsequently discovered that it might be just one of up to 40 in its litter. And it’s mother could be as long as 2 metres. She’s now not very happy.

Never a dull moment!

Feeding the ducks 

I spent a a glorious day yesterday at granny and grandpa’s as the big M was in Edinburgh and the big D had to drive her to the airport at the crack of dawn (even before I got up!) which was easier from their house, than ours.

As always we did loads of super fun things. The bubble machine still being a firm favourite, but the best bit was feeding the ducks. I was a little unsure to begin with – I

 couldn’t understand why on earth we would give our bread away?! And tried desperately to gather it up and eat it myself. But I soon got the hang of it and it was great! Ducks are still my favourite bird. Quack quack

Be more dog

Yesterday we came up to Windsor to see some friends for supper and stay the night. On the drive up we got a glimpse of the castle, my second in two days! (See my blog on Corfe for the other one).

I got to play with my friend William, who is a few months younger than me so I showed him who’s boss!

However I was put in my place by the cat – who definitely showed me who’s boss and how to be more dog. It’s a Maine Coon, like the O2 cat. He’s very furry. I think I’d like a furry friend.

We’re now off up to town for another hospital appointment tomorrow. We’re trying to decide what to do this arvo. I vote for the zoo.