The pied piper

Last night the kitchen was invaded by a little visitor – a mouse that had a nibble through my change bag.

Luckily this morning I learnt how to play the swanny whistle so I can pied piper the mouse away


Old MacWilfred had a farm 

Old MacWilfred had a farm e-i-e-i-o.

The real farmer has put his cows in our field. They’re gorgeous. He’s described them as lap cows – in that if they could they’d sit in your lap. They’re that friendly. I love them, particularly the calves.

Will definitely come and see them every day.

Be more dog

Yesterday we came up to Windsor to see some friends for supper and stay the night. On the drive up we got a glimpse of the castle, my second in two days! (See my blog on Corfe for the other one).

I got to play with my friend William, who is a few months younger than me so I showed him who’s boss!

However I was put in my place by the cat – who definitely showed me who’s boss and how to be more dog. It’s a Maine Coon, like the O2 cat. He’s very furry. I think I’d like a furry friend.

We’re now off up to town for another hospital appointment tomorrow. We’re trying to decide what to do this arvo. I vote for the zoo.

Play date 

It’s been a hectic old day – this morning I tootled off to nursery where we went for a walk. I saw piggies and frolicking baby lambs. Then home for a quick pitstop and some lunch followed by a play date with my new girl friends Xanthe and Talia. I decided it was best to treat them mean to keep them keen so spent most of my time ignoring them and climbing up and down the stairs. We also had supper on my date. I charmed them with my eating skills – putting it my mouth and then opening my mouth so it all falls out. Irresistible, I know.

Just Horsing around

We spent the weekend at my godfather’s house in the New Forest. It was ace. Loads of slippery wooden floors to scoot around on, plump sofas to jump on and oodles of cushions to throw. Not to mention attention on tap. I’ll deffo come here more often!!

We went on an amble though the forest and found lots of these strange creatures that are much bigger than a dog and have lots of hair. I tried to talk to them but they weren’t that interested.

Then I spied one at the bottom of the garden. This one was much more amicable. His name was Roland and apparently he’s a pony. He blew air at me. Larger versions of him are called horses. We saw one or two of those on our walk as well. A very educational visit.