Happy Easter everyone!

Today was super fun. I went on my first ever egg hunt… It was delayed from yesterday as the big m and d didn’t want to ruin my lunch – as I had already found an Easter egg or two to scoff in the morning.

The Easter bunny had laid a trail of eggs all through the house culminating in my bedroom. I was given a basket to collect them all.  There were loads.

Sadly I’m only allowed one a day after supper, but I did manage to pilfer a few for today… After all what are bank holidays made for other than to eat chocolate?


Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Earlier in the week I passed another milestone – my first trip to IKEA.

I was warned that it might be a tea and bun fight, but die to it being mid week in term time it wasn’t too bad.

I tried out the beds …

And the arm chairs …

And I rode the trolley round the warehouse…

All in all quite an exciting trip. Although no meatballs ☹️

Say aahhhhhh

Another momentus occasion – my first trip to the dentist. I was very good. I sat in the chair and said ahhhh but that was the extent of it. I wasn’t letting him put his hands in my mouth though. I’m not stupid!!!

I was such a good boy I was given a sticker and my own pair of dentist gloves. I’m Hoping for a gown next time!

Bob, Bob, Bobbing Along 

Today marked a significant milestone – I swam, well floated, unaided for the first time. Four times in all. A little unsure about it, but I think I’ll get more confident over the next week and a half. Sadly I didn’t get a photo. But here’s a good one with me with my foot in my mouth.

Hair we go

I’ve learnt yet another important life skill – this time the art of hair brushing. I’m very good at it, unlike the big D.

My godmother gave me my first hair brush and I shall now make daily use of it to keep my hair looking spick and span.

I think I’m seeing my godmother tomorrow, so will also treat myself to a hair wash tonight!

Snakes, feet and fathers 

It’s been an eventful day already and we’re only half way through.

I got up nice and early so I could wish the big D a happy Father’s Day. I made him a card at nursery and a cast of my foot (I did they last year too). This year though I moved so it’s more of a splodge than a foot. Better Luck next year!

 Then because we were up we decided to do to the West Bay car boot as the big m and D need some outdoor chairs. We didn’t find any though. Next up was church (which we were really late for as lee thought it started later than it did) and then home for a spot of gardening. The big M found a snake. (Don’t tell Ibiza granny – she’ll never step foot here again!). That’s the end of the big M’s gardening career. After a lot of googling (sometimes a bad thing as initially we identified it as an eastern brown snake, which is really dangerous) and discussion we caught it in a saucepan and relocated far away from the garden. Although as it was a baby grass snake, the big m has subsequently discovered that it might be just one of up to 40 in its litter. And it’s mother could be as long as 2 metres. She’s now not very happy.

Never a dull moment!

Locked In!

The big M was gardening so I thought I’d go back inside and play with some toys. Being the concenscious boy I am, I closed the front door behind me… And locked the big M out. Being none the wiser I carried on my business, whilst the big m panicked outside! Eventually she had to break in to get me, lots of gymnastic wizardry – thank god she got her BAGA gold award!

Of course these things always happen when the big D’s away!