Happy Easter everyone!

Today was super fun. I went on my first ever egg hunt… It was delayed from yesterday as the big m and d didn’t want to ruin my lunch – as I had already found an Easter egg or two to scoff in the morning.

The Easter bunny had laid a trail of eggs all through the house culminating in my bedroom. I was given a basket to collect them all.  There were loads.

Sadly I’m only allowed one a day after supper, but I did manage to pilfer a few for today… After all what are bank holidays made for other than to eat chocolate?


Travelling etiquette 

One of the first guide books said that when on one’s holidays it is imperative to mix one’s down time with cultural pursuits. Consequently, we went for lunch in Eivissa, the main town in Ibiza.

After a spectacular lunch of beef carpaccio, salmon tartare and prawns in garlic oil we ventured up hill into the old town, Dalt Villa; to enjoy the view: the perfect blend of relaxing and sightseeing!


Dim sum

The big M made some char sui buns for lunch (from scratch I might add). They’re a type of dim sum, which are Cantonese dumplings. Really yummy.

I thought I should use my chopsticks to eat them. I was good at spearing them, but need a bit more practice to get the technique right… Char sui buns for every meal!

It’s Showtime

We went to the Royal Bath and West show today. It was fab. I saw cows and horses and ducks and beagles and alpacas and ferrets and bees and lots of other furry creatures.

We also saw lots and lots and lots of cheese at the British Cheese awards. I think we should have worn white coats and gone armed with an apple corer and we could have pretended to be judges and tasted it all…. A plan for next year!

Another highlight was seeing the bloodhound which is going for the 1,000 mph land speed record in South Africa later this year.

The big m and d spent all their pocket money buying cheese and smoked fish, pork scratchings and some plum flavoured gin.

All in all  a lovely day out.

The very hungry caterpillar/Wilfred

Yesterday I was ravenous all day. I simply couldn’t get my hands on enough food – taking after my godmother (! Sorry aunt M). Look, here I am with a giant piece of melon

Prior to that I ate a banana, preceded by a massive bowl of pasta. I had my first ever bowl of cereal in the morning and an apple and a yogurt. I followed lunch with another yogurt and then my supper – vegetable balls and sweetcorn. I ate all of it.

Funnily enough today I haven’t been as hungry!