The official family portrait

This week the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday. In honour of the event a number of official family portraits were released. Well we’ve been channelling our inner queen and here’s out official family portrait:

And here’s the unofficial one:


One of my new favourite pastimes is playing catch.

Yesterday I played catch with Mr Monkey where I threw him Henry the engine and he tried to catch it, but he wasn’t very good. Later on in the day the big D and I played catch with a ball. Then last night I had the best game of catch with the big M at bath time. I threw a pint glass of water for her to catch. She was very good and caught it all over her self!


Yesterday I had the important job of pushing my brother’s pram around whilst we were out and about. The only issue is I’m not tall enough to see over the top and consequently kept steering into people – luckily they were quite forgiving – I just smiled at them.


Happy Easter everyone!

Today was super fun. I went on my first ever egg hunt… It was delayed from yesterday as the big m and d didn’t want to ruin my lunch – as I had already found an Easter egg or two to scoff in the morning.

The Easter bunny had laid a trail of eggs all through the house culminating in my bedroom. I was given a basket to collect them all.  There were loads.

Sadly I’m only allowed one a day after supper, but I did manage to pilfer a few for today… After all what are bank holidays made for other than to eat chocolate?


Edward’s new coat of paint 

Inspired by the Rev W Awdry

It was a quiet day in Sodor and Edward was minding his own business. Thomas puffed up beside him panting with exertion.
“Quick, move!” He shouted. “There are reports of a giant on the loose.”

“A giant” snorted Edward. “Don’t be silly, Thomas, they don’t exist!”

“Suit yourself” said Thomas. “But don’t say I didn’t warn you.” And chuffed quickly down the track.

Five minutes later, Edward wished he had taken Thomas’ advice as an enormous toddler ran towards him wielding an equally large paint brush.

“Paint” squealed the toddler, known as Wilfred. “Paint!”

And before Edward knew it, he was covered from head to toe in multicoloured poster paint.


“Oh no!” Wailed Edward. “My beautiful blue paint”

 Luckily another giant, this one much older, followed behind Wilfred and rescued Edward. She took him to the train wash and he came out good as new.

“Now you can be a really useful, blue, engine again” she said.

The end

The week that was

Last week flew by. We started to get back into a routine which baby Inigo has fitted well into. The big D was filming so granny and granddad came to stay to help out. The garden had never looked so good!

On Thursday when I was home all day we went to the playground where I played on the swings and slide – I loved it and didn’t want to go home.

Here are some action shots taken with Grandad’s new phone.

The big D was home on Saturday. It was great to see him. We talked a lot about trains and he showed me all his pictures. He’s off again next week.

Things that go bump in the night

I had a terrific adventure last night. I was roused from my sleep and taken on a magical mystery tour to a land inhabited by massive bouncy balls for me to play with. I had loads of fun whilst the big M hid behind a curtain.

Then even more exciting – when we got home again I got to sleep in with the big m and d and baby Inigo as there was a technical glitch with my room. So I helped Inigo prepare for bed, showing him how to brush his teeth.

I make a fantastic room mate… Talking long into the night, snoring and waking up super early. They don’t know how lucky they are. And they get to share with me again tonight. Yay!

Welcome baby Inigo!

It’s been a busy few days as I’ve been settling in my new baby brother, Inigo.

He was born on Monday and looked just like me … But bigger!

I’ve been showing him the ropes.

Here I am demonstrating how to chillax in his bouncy chair

And here I am showing him how to use his baby gym

And here I am with the big M teaching him how to sit on my lap.  
And yesterday I was showing him how to drive.

There is so much more for him to learn… I’ve got quite a job on my hands. But am looking forward to it.