Va va vroom

Speedy Gonzalez is now my name as I have a new wheels. The big M and D have invested in a Maclaren pushchair for me. It’s much smaller than my previous one and much lighter. It’s really comfy though and I love it.

We had a slight prang on the test drive. However, I came out the other side unscathed.

First stop Maclaren pushchair. Next stop F1!

Dedication’s what you need

In the words of Roy Castle ‘if you want to be a record breaker, dedication’s what you need’. Well if that is the case I’m well on my way as yesterday I received my first dedication (albeit one of a slightly different kind)

Here is my godfather’s book:


Here’s my starring role:


And not to be out done the big m and d get a mention too (although not until page 306. I’m on the title page)


Seriously touched. Thank you godfather Floppy!

What a dump!

A doing-day today. Playgroup was cancelled so instead we went to the dump. What a delight.

Although I have to say, it is incredibly well organised and as dumps go I reckon it’s pretty much up there.

You drive in – it’s a one way road with all the skips lined up for the various things – plastics, electronics, scrap metal, general etc.

What it makes you realise is just how much we throw away. It’s unbelievable how much stuff there is and much everyone brings. We went to Boots earlier in the day to buy the big m some anti wrinkle cream. (Although she clearly doesn’t need it!!) and the packaging was twice the size it needed to be to make you think you’re getting more for your money. If brands reduced their packaging it’d go someway to shrink our waste. Our new year’s resolution is to make briquettes out of our waste paper to burn in the winter. The big d is starting the process tomorrow. I’ll post a picture!

Spider Van

I think the big M has had a nervous break down. We drove back from London with yet another van load of our stuff (one more and we’re definitely done) – I honestly don’t know how the big M & D fitted it all in one flat. When we got in the van there were a few cobwebs. This made her a little bit nervous being an arachnophobe. However, she has made amazing progress since moving to the country so she made the big D have a hunt around and off we went. All was fine… Until sundown … and then the entire cab quite literally came alive. It was like some budget horror movie. The big D having avoided a pile up whilst the big M flailed around managed to find somewhere to stop and ejected as many of the beasties as possible… We’re talking around 30. The big m deigned to get back in but was on high alert on the 30 min drive home armed with the torch on her phone and her shoe. We found a further 8 spiders. To add insult to injury when we finally got home there was a spider on the front door!

The moral of the story don’t hire a van from enterprise if you don’t like spiders!

Bottoms up

Now it is probably uncouth to blog about my nether regions – but over the last few days I have been inflicted by some redness ‘down there’. Much discussion it has prompted, with the general consensus being that it’s eczema mixed with a touch of nappy rash. Anyway, to cut a long story short, a friend of a friend recommended Child’s Farm body lotion and since I started using it it’s magically disappeared!

Consequently I’ve just been to Waitrose to spend my hard earned pocket money on a few more of their eczema-friendly products (even better they’re 3 for 2 at the mo). I am now the proud owner of their shampoo, hand wash and bubble bath. I can’t wait to try them, if nothing else because they all smell so yummy!

The only problem is I think I’m going to need to ask for a raise in pocket money as the big M&D and their friends keep pinching it!