Monster fruit

The big m was making spicy apple chutney this afternoon so we went to pick some apples from the garden. We seem to have grown monster fruit…. Look at the size of this one it’s almost as big as my head!



Honestly, the problems of being an upwardly mobile toddler – you can’t sit in the paddling pool without getting your phone wet. Luckily Vtech’s a bit more robust than Apple, mine still works after a soaking!

The very hungry caterpillar/Wilfred

Yesterday I was ravenous all day. I simply couldn’t get my hands on enough food – taking after my godmother (! Sorry aunt M). Look, here I am with a giant piece of melon

Prior to that I ate a banana, preceded by a massive bowl of pasta. I had my first ever bowl of cereal in the morning and an apple and a yogurt. I followed lunch with another yogurt and then my supper – vegetable balls and sweetcorn. I ate all of it.

Funnily enough today I haven’t been as hungry!