Bed head

I have devised a new sleep index. I think it will take off. It is based around the state of your hair in the morning.

For instance this morning’s look:

This bird’s nest of a style signifies deep but active sleep.

Whereas yesterday’s do (unfortunately no photo) was nice and neat illustrating a deep and still night. And there are many styles in between! No doubt the BMJ will be knocking at my door soon enough wanting to publish… You heard it here first!

Sleeping beauty

Other than my slapped cheek disease (more days off nursery) all is good in the world of Wilfred. I spent a lovely day with my grandparents on Thurday whilst the big m and d were in London. We played football in the park!

¬†And I devoted much time to one of the big D’s old toys: the rescue centre where you pres buttons and emergency personnel are dispatched via slides to their requisite emergency vehicle. It’s super cool. The big d remains quite protective of it!

On Friday we came home and I achieved another milestone – a night in my big bed. I also napped in it. I was very good and didn’t get out of bed to play with my toys! I chose a red duvet and pillow and am very keen on them. George, Da and Monkey, my teddies also liked the big bed as there is much more space.