Ship ahoy!

After the sad demise of the SS Ibiza I would like to introduce her replacement the SS Ibiza IIĀ 

As you can see I’ve upgraded my vessel to a model that is 20 cm longer 6 cm wider with power steering and a horn, which is most useful for the congested waterways of San Antonio

RIP SS Ibiza

It’s a sad day. The SS Ibiza has sailed her last. She served me well and will be sorely missed after succumbing to a puncture. A repair kit costs more than a new one so with a heavy heart we send her to the boat graveyard in the sky šŸ˜¦

Return of the SS Ibiza

Yay – summertime again meaning I’ve got the SS Ibiza out. I have the added addition this year of a few ducks and some saucepans. Has kept me busy for hours.

I also helped the big M wash down the garden furniture for Gran Gran’s birthday party tomorrow. She kept squirting me with something called a hose and I got really, really wet. I loved it!!!

Messing about on the riverĀ 

I channelled my inner Ratty today and took a stroll along the Isis. If only I’d had the SS Ibiza, it was the perfect boating weather.

I also made a friend, a boy 2 months younger than me called Alfred. He shared his toys with me and I gave him some of my lunch. I think I got the better deal!! Master of negotiation already!!!

SS Ibiza

Here is the SS Ibiza with Captain Wilfred in command!


Granny bought me my very own boat in which to sail the seven seas. I’m practicing on dry land first and using it as a paddling pool. But we’ll be off to discover America very shortly, I’m sure.

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

As you might be able to tell by today’s title, we visited the home of time – Greenwich. The big D supported local trade by having a swift half of Meantime beer, whilst the Big M had a great time browsing the crafts at the covered market.

An interesting fact about Greenwich is that the World’s first weather forecast was issued from the Royal Observatory in 1848 by James Glaisher.

I also expanded my art education by spotting John Reardon’s Monument to a Dead Parrot, which was somewhat different to the old masters I saw last week at the National Gallery.

However, the highlight of the day for me, despite missing the tall ships by a day, was getting there and back by boat. We took the clipper down the Thames from Blackfriars Pier to the Cutty Sark.

It was fab, watching the sights float by, including seeing St Katharine’s Dock, where we were a few weeks ago. It was really easy to manoeuvre the buggy on board and I was also able to sit at the front window and have a bit of a crawl around.

I’ve decided when I’m a commuter in about 21 years time I’ll definitely catch the boat to work.