I go driving in my car

Cars are a recent obsession in my life. I refuse to go to sleep unless I am clutching  red car and there are at least 8 others in reach.

However, I’m not just satisfied with toys cars. The real thing is what I actually want. Every time we get home I am now allowed to drive down the drive. Here I am keeping an eye out for the ducks – wouldn’t want to run them over!



Wilfred’s Ferrari’s Garage

Because I’ve got the pox the big M and D are being extra specially nice to me! So yesterday we embarked on a project to make my car it’s own garage. This will enable me to park it inside to protect it from the cold weather (if the cold weather ever comes – the magnolia has started blooming and we’ve got daffodils and primroses out).

First up it was necessary to do the construction work. Given that we needed dangerous implements like scissors the Big M did the majority of the build. However, once complete I donned my painter-decorator uniform and gave it a lick of paint

Next important job was to wait for it to dry. And then of course to play with it.

Here’s a terrible photo of me parking the Ferrari in it: