Playing the waiting game

We’ve had a busy few days as granny and grandad came to stay just in case the baby came… But in vain. No baby. The big m is getting increasingly large and fed up.

So instead of playing with a new family member we’ve been going out for lovely walks and playing with the cats.

We even saw some Morris Men. I wasn’t sure about them!

Here we are hiding from the big m and d
Millie and I enjoying a game of chase the feather.

We’re still waiting for the baby but granny and grandad have had to leave to go and see the Flying Scotsman, so we’ll see them again next weekend.



We’ve got some new additions to the household – two Siberian pedigree cats called Milly (brown)and Mathilda (grey), although we’ve nicknamed them malty and shedalot. Shedalot only has three legs, having lost an argument with a car a few years ago. Her back end’s a bit lopsided but other than that she copes remarkably well – jumping and climbing just as well as her four-legged sister.

We’ve inherited them from friends whose new son is incredibly allergic – despite them being hypoallergenic. That’s irony for you Alannis Morrisette.

They seem to have settled in well and are making themselves at home. I am enjoying looking after them which involves trying to catch them and stroking them when I can. They love it and me!