A Knight’s Tale

We ducked into the Museum of the order of St John in Farringdon for a quick browse on the way to collect our Russian visas.

It tells the story of the Venerable Order of St John (unsure if this is pronounced sinjin or not), who started out as a band of knights in Jerusalem during the crusades. They started a hospital dedicated to St John the Baptist which catered to sick or injured pilgrims making their way to the Holy Land. Today they are more widely known as St John Ambulance.

It’s a small but interesting little place tucked away under the arch on St John street and comprises an eclectic mix of paintings, archaeological artefacts, crusader coins, weights and measures, first aid equipment. I think it looks like it should be in a Harry Potter movie!


The best bit, however, was the arts and crafts table where kids can make their own knight gear. Here I am with my sword.

The big M helped me decorate it with sticky gems and crayons.

A great little find and well worth a visit.