Merry belated Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry for the tardiness of the blog. It’s been a hectic few days… So many new toys, so little time!

I had an amazing Christmas!

On Christmas Eve the weather was still really mild so we took Gran-Gran for a walk around Stourhead. It was one of her favourite walks when she lived in Dorset and Grandpa was still alive. We worked out that she hasn’t been for around 17 years!!! Crazy! My mind can’t comprehend that long!

Before bedtime I put out a carrot for Rudolph, a mince pie and a glass of sweet wine for Father Christmas.

  I put it in the dining room as I figured that’s the main chimney in our house. I also put my empty stocking by the fireplace in my room in the hopes that he pays me a visit as on the whole I’ve been a very good boy this year!!

 And low and behold when I woke up the stocking was full of pressies… Magic!! Also the carrot and mince pie were half eaten – Father Christnas must have been thirsty though as the wine was all gone!

 We went to Church early doors and then I had a nap when we got home as I got up super early. After a sleep pitstop I got to open my stocking presents – which was really fun as we all took it in turns to open a present whilst eating smoked salmon and caviar and nibbles. I then had a few hours to play with my new toys. The domino train and ducks-all-in-a-row were my favourite. That said I was quite keen on the space hopper and play dough too. Not to mention the toy cars and bike.

GAS turned up at 3 pm and then we had lunch at 4, which was yummy…

 And then more presents … Yay!!! I love opening presents. Shame I now have to wait almost a year before I get any more!

Here’s Milly getting into the swing of present opening!

 I had a bit of a late night as presents took quite a while and I wanted to play with them but I did go straight to sleep!

The next day – no presents 😦 but we did get to go to the theatre to something called a pantomime. The big M was really excited. She loved it – as did we all. It was Sleeping Beauty and there was singing and dancing and shouting and fire breathing dragons and water spraying everywhere and even a homage to Jeremy Kyle!

On Sunday the big D and I built my new bed which gran-gran gave me for Christmas!

  It’s huge! And very clever. Apparently when I’m a bit bigger we turn it upside down and it becomes a cabin bunk. I am just playing in it at the moment but I intend to start having naps in it soon. I can’t wait to sleep in it properly.

On Monday Gran-gran and the big D got up super early to go to the airport so the big m and I stayed at home and played with my new toys and made my thank you cards – I discovered a new artistic medium – painting with toy cars! Super fun and super messy- yay!!!

Then today we went to feed the ducks and play at the playground at ninesprings in Yeovil. We haven’t been before and it’s really good so we’ll def be back soon

As you can see I’ve had a busy old time of it and I’m now looking forward to New Year!


Christmas is coming

We’ve had a busy few days. We stayed the night at granny and Grandad’s on the way to London. Then we saw my godfather and went to collect other granny from the airport. We then had a night at home, followed by my nursery Christmas party where we sang and danced and ate biscuits.  And then we went galavanting again to my best friend’s house for fake Christmas. It was lovely with party poppers and everything. I also collected the eggs from the chickens and there were three!!

On the way home we stopped at the Sherborne Castke garden centre at the recommendation of my best friend’s mummy. It was fab!!! Everything was Christmassy. They had santa’s grotto, a gingerbread man’s house, a roaring fire, twinkly lights, baubles, animals, elves, animatronics and best of all an amazing train set. Choo choo!


The holidays are coming

It really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas… On Monday we saw (but sadly didn’t get a photo as we were driving) the famous Father Christmas coca-cola truck. Then yesterday we decorated our trees (one real, one artificial)

As fast as the Big M could put the baubles on I took them off… I don’t think that game is going to get old, weirdly she didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as me.

The big D and I also had the important task of making the Christmas cake. So out came  Delia. We both decided that the recipe needed amending so we quadrupled the quantity of glacé cherries. Honestly she was a bit frugal with them if we’re honest. I did a lot of stirring and spoon licking.

I also got to open the first window of my advent calendar which was made for me by my best friend. That was an unexpected treat – but I didn’t quite understand why I was only allowed the one piece of chocolate when there were 25 on offer (it’s handy to be able to count that high – no one can pull the wool over my eyes!).