Christmas is coming

We’ve had a busy few days. We stayed the night at granny and Grandad’s on the way to London. Then we saw my godfather and went to collect other granny from the airport. We then had a night at home, followed by my nursery Christmas party where we sang and danced and ate biscuits.  And then we went galavanting again to my best friend’s house for fake Christmas. It was lovely with party poppers and everything. I also collected the eggs from the chickens and there were three!!

On the way home we stopped at the Sherborne Castke garden centre at the recommendation of my best friend’s mummy. It was fab!!! Everything was Christmassy. They had santa’s grotto, a gingerbread man’s house, a roaring fire, twinkly lights, baubles, animals, elves, animatronics and best of all an amazing train set. Choo choo!


One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure

On Tuesday (the day I was starving ) I went to see my best friend at her house and she told me all about this amazing place called the scrap store. This is a local initiative where businesses donate all the stuff they don’t want for arts and crafts. There is one in Lacock in Wiltshire, one in Dorchester for Dorset and one in Yeovil for Somerset (we went to the Yeovil one). I don’t know if they’re nationwide or just peculiar to this part of the world. But they are AMAZING. There is everything you could ever possibly want for a project – empty jars, empty washing up liquid bottles, scraps of paper, bits of sticky back plastic, cotton, fabric. You name it, it was there! And you could fill an entire basket for £5.60 or a trolley for £16. A hoarders paradise! The big M filled her basket with damask fabric samples she’s planning on making a patchwork dress, patchwork curtains, patchwork draught excluders, patchwork pin dogs and erm lots more patchwork things


Quilty pleasures

Today I am chillaxing in the countryside, staying with my godmother’s parents. I’ve fed the chicken, taken the dog for a walk, bounced on the trampoline and filled my lungs with fresh country air.

I am now helping my god-sister (sister of godmother) make a quilt as an auction item for Ehlers-Danlos Support UK’s conference. My favourite one that she has made so far is ‘busy, busy bumblebee.’

She makes loads of them entirely by hand with no sewing machine!!! You can see her work here: here you can see me modelling them.