Sports day

Its a sporty day today, hence why I’m sporting my rather natty trackie.

This morning I started with a few stretches and then moved onto a spot of trampolining. Next up, after my nap, was a game of ‘drop the ball off the landing’ with the big D.

After lunch (with the requisite food settling time) we went to Crewkerne Aqua for a swim. I floated using a woggle but would much rather have been in the big pool, rather than the learner pool. I kept making a run for it, but was thwarted at every turn.

And finally to finish up some furniture mountaineering. Almost time for bed. I think I’ll sleep well.

Causing even more chaos

So not content with causing mayhem at Travel World Expo last week, today we brought our local town, Crewkerne, to a stand still. Our rental car literally stopped in the middle of the road and petrol poured out of it. Marvellous. Nothing like annoying the locals in your first few days! Never a dull moment.