Today was odd job day around the house so I took my trusty step ladder for a tour of all the light bulbs that needed replacing. (Please rest assured I was supervised during the climbing of the ladder – the big M has after all attended a health and safety course on safe step ladder ascension and descension in the work place).


No rest for the wicked

Back to Ibiza and put back to work… Just like last visit

This time I fixed Gran-Gran’s sink. Job one was to unblock it and job two rehang the cupboard door. Now to get on with relaxing and having a good time!


Handy Andy’s no patch on me! Had a DIY day today. A few bits and pieces needed some TLC.

Now, it’s very important when partaking in some home improvements to wear the right gear. I borrowed the Big D’s work shirt. It was just the ticket – covered me from head to toe so I was completely protected. It’s also imperative to understand exactly how to use the tools correctly. Here I am demonstrating to the Big D precisely how to open a tape measure – a fundamental skill for measuring things. And that’s as far as we got. Maybe more tomorrow.