Streets paved with gold

Recently I found myself in the Saxon hill fort town of Shaftesbury. It was all by mistake as the place we were supposed to be going was shut so we took a detour

Now unbeknownst to many Shaftesbury in Dorset is the home of Gold Hill of Hovis ad fame (it’s not in Yorkshire as many presume). We walked up and down the cobbled hill taking in the view and the chocolate box cottages. All very idyllic. The big M used to live at the top many moons ago.

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside 2

Oh we do like to be beside the sea! And hence when the sun shines we do what any self respecting Brit would do and don our shorts and head to the beach (along with the rest of the world and their dogs).
And what a jolly time we had. We got sand in our cous cous, sand in our shoes, sand in our drinks, sand on our blanket and everywhere else – when I had my bath tonight I found loads of sand somehow still attached to me – but nonetheless sand notwithstanding we had a great time digging holes, people watching and paddling. We had taken our swimming togs but decided it was a little bit too cold – we’re not that crazy – although a lot of people were! Maybe next time.

Well, well, well

After the snake and foot fiasco yesterday, we decided to go on a jaunt to old Sherborne Castle, looked after by English Heritage. It’s now a ruin. Walter Raleigh used to live there leasing it from Elizabeth I. But it reverted back to the throne when he was imprisoned for marrying one of Liz’s maids of honour without permission.

 One of my favourite bits was the 40 foot deep well. I threw my favourite ball in … Luckily there’s a mesh there to catch balls and people! We threw stones down the gaps in the mesh and it sounded really, really deep! I don’t think I ever would have seen my ball again.

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside…

oh we do like to be beside the sea. Which is exactly where we were today.

We went for a stroll along Dorset’s famous Jurassic Coast starting at Nstionsl Trust site Burton Bradstock. I climbed the cliff for a good view

Then I closely studied one of the thousands of hairy caterpillars that were crawling around

And then I went  for a play on the beach and in the very cold sea


Quilty pleasures

Today I am chillaxing in the countryside, staying with my godmother’s parents. I’ve fed the chicken, taken the dog for a walk, bounced on the trampoline and filled my lungs with fresh country air.

I am now helping my god-sister (sister of godmother) make a quilt as an auction item for Ehlers-Danlos Support UK’s conference. My favourite one that she has made so far is ‘busy, busy bumblebee.’

She makes loads of them entirely by hand with no sewing machine!!! You can see her work here: here you can see me modelling them.