Driving in my car

Before I’ve even passed my driving test and I’ve been given my first car. A Ferrari no less! Vroom vroom.


Roadtrip #3

Phew yesterday was a long day. We drove home all the way from Glasgow – about 500 miles. I thought it was best if I helped


We broke the journey in Shropshire to see the Big D’s goddaughter and her family. It was great to meet them. And they gave me some new toys, which I now take everywhere with me.


Road trip #2

At time of writing we’re zooming along the M9 towards our destination – Cumbernauld.

After a lovely evening with my Aunty and Uncle and baby cousin, we left Leeds really early as the parentals wanted to stop off at Lindisfarne on the way. Unfortunately the Holy Island was pretty much shut. Nothing was open. But we had fun driving over the causeway and walking to the closed castle and closed priory.


White van baby

I became a white van man today, lording it above my fellow vehicles. Nothing like feeling high and mighty (until a London bus cuts you down to size!)

I engaged in some ‘vanter’ (banter in the van) with the Big D in order to keep him awake as we left at 6am to beat the traffic. The M3 coming into London was chocabloc – commuters are insane. I don’t think I want to do that when I grow up!