Ducks galore

I’ve had an amazing few days as my cousin Layla has come to stay – a playmate on tap! We’ve bounced on the trampoline, played in the ball pit, built towers, read books, coloured in, chased each other, played catch and all manner of other activities.

Today we went on an adventure to Weymouth Sealife centre (as the big M had half price tickets). We saw Rays and sharks and starfish and piranhas and sea horses and turtles (including the snake necked turtle) and penguins and otters and seals and fish and lot and lots and lots of ducks (clearly my favourite bit)


Duck tastic 

Today was a day filled with ducks, making it an A+++ day in my book. The big M and D have a uni friend staying (who can deffo come again as he is very good at blowing bubbles for me to pop) so we went on a jaunt to the UK’s smallest city, Wells. Around the Bishops palace is a moat chockablock full of ducks (bear in mind to me a duck is anything with wings).

Here I am finding my first ducks of the day

  Then I peered through a window in the old potato store and saw loads of proper, real ducks … This was truly a highlight. I spent a lot of time here 
And then we went to aEdit  reclaimation yard and found this ENORMOUS duck

So many ducks, so little time


One brick at a time

I stayed with granny and grandad last night (thank you for having me again!) as the big M and D went to a wedding – a friend they met a few years ago in Brazil. Whilst they were bopping away to singing waiters I was involved in the serious business of Duplo building. As you can see from the photo its an intricate task and involves a lot of concentration.

 We also went to the library where I made some friends and ate an orange freeze pop, which unfortunately fell on the floor when I squeezed it too hard. And we did my favourite thing in the world – went to feed the duckies. Only a few weeks now till I get my ducks oh and no. Very exciting!

Oh no!

As many of you know ‘oh no’ has become my catch phrase. And now I’ll get to use it even more… Introducing Oh and No, my new pet ducks. I can’t remember what breed they are something beige, I think.

Uncle Oo-ah up the drive has just hatched Oh and No for me and I went up to visit them. He said I can have them in a few weeks time when they’re a bit bigger. The Big D is going to build them a house by the pond. Soooo exciting!

Feeding the ducks 

I spent a a glorious day yesterday at granny and grandpa’s as the big M was in Edinburgh and the big D had to drive her to the airport at the crack of dawn (even before I got up!) which was easier from their house, than ours.

As always we did loads of super fun things. The bubble machine still being a firm favourite, but the best bit was feeding the ducks. I was a little unsure to begin with – I

 couldn’t understand why on earth we would give our bread away?! And tried desperately to gather it up and eat it myself. But I soon got the hang of it and it was great! Ducks are still my favourite bird. Quack quack