Happy Easter everyone!

Today was super fun. I went on my first ever egg hunt… It was delayed from yesterday as the big m and d didn’t want to ruin my lunch – as I had already found an Easter egg or two to scoff in the morning.

The Easter bunny had laid a trail of eggs all through the house culminating in my bedroom. I was given a basket to collect them all.  There were loads.

Sadly I’m only allowed one a day after supper, but I did manage to pilfer a few for today… After all what are bank holidays made for other than to eat chocolate?


Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

I think today is going to be bad-for-me-food-tastic! The big m gave up crisps for lent so I’ve already helped her eat a packet.

Yesterday my girlfriends came for lunch and we had an Easter egg hunt. I found (and subsequently ate) loads. Although I think that was one of the first times I’ve had chocolate.

Later today I’m off to my best friend and godmother’s home to stay the night. It’s all very exciting.

And here I am with the Easter egg I made for the big d. It’s solid chocolate. This makes him v happy!