You snooze you loose

So I came all the way to Rome and then slept through the main event. Yes, I snoozed my way through the Sistine Chapel. Criminal, the big M and D should be arrested.

It was a very mucky day weather-wise so unlike yesterday we took the buggy so I wouldn’t get too wet and made our way on foot to the Vatican. Because of the rain we breezed through the queuing system (which in the summer I can only imagine is stupidly long) and made our way to the dome. The first level was a walk around the gallery inside St. Peter’s looking way down at all the people, as small as ants. The big M did not enjoy this at all being scared of heights. Then it was onwards and upwards…. Up another 350 very small, windy stairs.

The big m really did not like this. In fact half way up she chickened out when some other yellow-bellied Brits gave up and made the decision to turn tail and flee (despite the staircase being one way). They talked the big m out of continuing. So the big d and I bravely strode on and made it to the top, whilst the big m retreated. What a breathtaking view!!! Amazing. When we made it back down again, the big m decided she had been an idiot and that she would give it another go. So the poor big d had to carry me all the way up the 350 small, windy stairs (and down again!) again. But it was worth it as the big m conquered her fears.

We then spent a leisurely hour wandering around St. Peter’s Basilica and it’s treasury. Here I am having a pootle, getting in everyone’s way

But what a place! Indescribably beautiful. Almost too much to take in.

And then it really got too much to take in. We hotfooted it to the Vatican museums, which are four miles of objet d’art and masterpiece after masterpiece after masterpiece. I became art blind and needed a lie down, so I put my head down in the buggy at around the Egyptian gallery, or maybe the philatelic museum, I’m not sure which. When I came to I was out the other side zooming past the plethora of gift shops selling all manner of finger- touching goodies.

The big m and d didn’t even buy me a fridge magnet. Although I can’t complain given they purchased a Vatican rosary for me

Well let’s face it, I did throw my coins in the fountain yesterday (albeit the fountain with no water) so I will return to Rome one day. When I do I’ll be sure to revisit Michelangelo’s famous chapel.


This week is shaping up to be one of culture. The big D is writing a book with my godmother so we have a lot of research to do. Today’s instalment was the British Museum. We had a browse round the Egyptian galleries specifically looking at the funerary items. I really liked the shabti figures. They were buried with the pharaohs to serve them in the afterlife – ultimately meaning they didn’t have to kill and bury their entire staff!

We also went downstairs to look at the statues. Here I am with Rameses the Great.


He lived longer, reigned longer and was taller than any other pharaoh. That makes him pretty cool, in my book.

A note to other big M and Ds maybe leave the pushchair at home (in the hotel) if you can. The museum is unbelievably busy (bear in mind we were there on a Monday afternoon, which is surely a relatively quiet time) and steering was a problem. People, people everywhere! Additionally there is limited flat access and the lifts are crazily slow and often full.

Anyway, Petrie Museum tomorrow for more Egyptian goodness.