Spider Van

I think the big M has had a nervous break down. We drove back from London with yet another van load of our stuff (one more and we’re definitely done) – I honestly don’t know how the big M & D fitted it all in one flat. When we got in the van there were a few cobwebs. This made her a little bit nervous being an arachnophobe. However, she has made amazing progress since moving to the country so she made the big D have a hunt around and off we went. All was fine… Until sundown … and then the entire cab quite literally came alive. It was like some budget horror movie. The big D having avoided a pile up whilst the big M flailed around managed to find somewhere to stop and ejected as many of the beasties as possible… We’re talking around 30. The big m deigned to get back in but was on high alert on the 30 min drive home armed with the torch on her phone and her shoe. We found a further 8 spiders. To add insult to injury when we finally got home there was a spider on the front door!

The moral of the story don’t hire a van from enterprise if you don’t like spiders!


Causing even more chaos

So not content with causing mayhem at Travel World Expo last week, today we brought our local town, Crewkerne, to a stand still. Our rental car literally stopped in the middle of the road and petrol poured out of it. Marvellous. Nothing like annoying the locals in your first few days! Never a dull moment.