Ups and downs

Today was a day of many ups and downs. First we went down a few floors to breakfast and then back up again to get ready to go out. Once we left the hotel we walked to the upper deck entrance of the Star Ferry and then disembarked onto the raised walkway to Peddar Street. We walked a few blocks and came to the longest covered escalator system in the world. We, of course, travelled up it 800m in distance and 135m in elevation.

 It took us through the mid levels towards the top of the peak. Once at the top, there was really only one direction to go: down. So we chose to wander through the HK botanical and zoological gardens where we saw orangutans, chimps, lemers, birds amongst other creatures.

The exit to the park took us right past the entrance to the Peak tram so with a snap change of plan we decided to jump aboard (managing to circumnavigate the 2 hour or so long queue by the big M giving it her best pathetic pregnant look – to give her her due if worked!). So we chugged our way back up to the top of the peak had a spot of lunch and caught the train down again.

Once back at the hotel we went up to the pool for a swim and then down to the club room for drinks and nibbles.

The biggest down of the day, however, was packing up to go home tomorrow. We’re leaving at the crack of dawn so no yummy breakfast and no morning swim. All very sad indeed. But I’ve had an amazing time and learnt loads. I’ve even mastered some Chinese!