Ducks galore

I’ve had an amazing few days as my cousin Layla has come to stay – a playmate on tap! We’ve bounced on the trampoline, played in the ball pit, built towers, read books, coloured in, chased each other, played catch and all manner of other activities.

Today we went on an adventure to Weymouth Sealife centre (as the big M had half price tickets). We saw Rays and sharks and starfish and piranhas and sea horses and turtles (including the snake necked turtle) and penguins and otters and seals and fish and lot and lots and lots of ducks (clearly my favourite bit)


Gutted – eviscerado

Aquí estoy de vuelta en Ibiza . Hoy fuimos a almorzar por el puerto pesquero y conocí a un pescador. Él me llevó a bordo de su barco y me enseñó a destripar un pescado. una habilidad muy útil.

For those of you that aren’t bilingual like me (my granny bought me a Dora The Explorer book that helps me translate English into espanol) the above  says:

“Here I am back in Ibiza. Today we went for lunch down by the fishing harbour and I met a fisherman. He took me on board his boat and taught me how to gut a fish. A very useful life skill.”

As usual the big M didn’t have her camera to hand for such an important life event – and all the ones on the Internet are a bit gruesome.