Gutted – eviscerado

Aquí estoy de vuelta en Ibiza . Hoy fuimos a almorzar por el puerto pesquero y conocí a un pescador. Él me llevó a bordo de su barco y me enseñó a destripar un pescado. una habilidad muy útil.

For those of you that aren’t bilingual like me (my granny bought me a Dora The Explorer book that helps me translate English into espanol) the above  says:

“Here I am back in Ibiza. Today we went for lunch down by the fishing harbour and I met a fisherman. He took me on board his boat and taught me how to gut a fish. A very useful life skill.”

As usual the big M didn’t have her camera to hand for such an important life event – and all the ones on the Internet are a bit gruesome.