Table building

I had a wonderful weekend. The big m and d went to a wedding in Sussex so I went to stay with my best friend! As always I was spoilt rotten! I stuffed my face with all things yummy and had free rein of all the toys and garden playthings. Perfect. Granny also came over from Spain and stayed too so a double helping of being spoilt!

In honour of Gran-Gran’s visit and some half decent weather, the big D made a garden table. I helped… Here’s the proof


Lawnmower Expert

Over the past few days I have become a lawnmower expert. We are in the market for a new machine and we have been EVERYWHERE. We’ve seen blue ones, red ones, yellow ones, green ones, ones made out of steel, ones made out of aluminium, 56 cm ones, 43 cm ones, 51 cm ones, ones with mulchers, ones without mulchers, ones with rinse out valves, ones without rinse out valves, ones with big cuttings bags, ones with small cuttings bags, ones with one speed, ones with 4 speeds. It goes on… And on and on. The only thing we can be sure of is that we want a petrol one.

Too much choice. So we’ve made the sensible option and buried our heads in the sand until next week.

I found the perfect one. The big D wasn’t convinced.

Sunshiny garden

The big m and I were going stir crazy indoors so we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and go outside for a quick game of ball on the lawn. It was more chilly than it looked but it was nice to get a breath of fresh air.

And I think the big d needs to get the lawn mower out

Head for heights. Over. 

Following my ultrasound at UCH to check on my dicky kidney we headed over to Fenchurch Street to go see the sky garden in the newly opened ‘walkie talkie’ building. We had to register and then queue to have our ID checked and who should walk in behind us but Charles Campion of restaurant reviewing and Masterchef fame. He was there to have a munch at Fenchurch seafood bar and grill. He took everything very seriously and studiously made notes in a green notebook.

Anyway, back to the sky garden.  It was glorious. Well worth a trip. Here is one side of the garden

And here is the other side

At the front of the building there is a viewing platform and you get terrific views of the Thames, Tower of London and Tower Bridge   It was bit hazy, but on a clear day I reckon you could see really far into South London

Not bad considering it’s free. Roger.

Oh deer, oh deer

This morning we opened the curtains to a carpet of white. It was a beautiful winter scene made even more glorious by the addition of a doe sitting on our lawn. She stayed there for a few hours. While we watched a number of rabbits frolicked around her and a few robins hopped from branch to branch above her head. It was our own real life Disney film.

I took a photo but it hasn’t really come out – if you squint you can see a blob above and left from the centre – that’s the deer!


A beautiful day

We took advantage of the weather today and went for a glorious walk round Stourhead, a local National Trust house and garden.

Whilst it was all very lovely, my favourite bit was the Grotto, a dank, dark cave. Here I am with the Nymph of the Grott.

No cream tea today as it’s not summer – we’ll have to come back!