Chip off the old block

Sorry for the radio silence…. I’ve had a break from blogging as I’ve been very busy looking after my grandparents. They came to stay for a week whilst the big M and D went away. It was a very important job settling them in and supervising all their activity.
Here I am on Grandad’s shoulders surveying our hard work in the garden (to be honest I did most of it as you can see from the next photo of me in my gardening gloves)

Doesn’t he look like the Big D?! Sitting on his shoulders was home from home!

Locked In!

The big M was gardening so I thought I’d go back inside and play with some toys. Being the concenscious boy I am, I closed the front door behind me… And locked the big M out. Being none the wiser I carried on my business, whilst the big m panicked outside! Eventually she had to break in to get me, lots of gymnastic wizardry – thank god she got her BAGA gold award!

Of course these things always happen when the big D’s away!