Ciao ciao!

Arriverderci Rome.

Sad to go! But this morning we packed our suitcase and made our way to Fiumicino airport, driving past the sights, including the Colosseum, the forum and the Pantheon.

The airport was very stylish with lots of designer shops. Our flight was on time and I slept from take off to landing, much to the relief of our surrounding passengers. We arrived in Gatwick early, meaning we gad a nice leisurely stroll to passport control. For any other babies out there I totes recommend the baby change facility in Gatwick’s south terminal. It’s amazing, the best I’ve ever been to.

And to top off a good day we got home within 3 hours including a pitstop at Fleet.

All in all a very successful trip home. I like travelling.


So good sofitel

Last night I stayed in my first proper hotel. And I have to admit I could easily become accustomed to it!

I am currently writing this at 34,000 feet on an Easyjet flight to Moscow, which left Gatwick at the crack of a sparrow’s fart. Consequently, we decided to stay the night at the Sofitel.

It was fab from start to finish. We arrived just before bed time and check in was fast and efficient. We went straight to our room which was enormous and had four beds in it! Enough for all my cuddly toys to have one each, the big M&D to have one and also a cot for me.

I had a bath and got changed into my baby grow, followed by my bottle. I then settled into my buggy as we went downstairs so the Big M&D could have some supper. They both had king prawn Caesar salads. I was asleep in minutes.

I barely woke up an hour or so later when I was transferred into the cot. Although if I was the fussy type I would say the cot’s mattress was a trifle hard, so the Big D bolstered it with some of the thousands of pillows we had in our room.

4.30am came all too quickly and it was time to get up. We were in the bag drop queue by 5am. That’s how close the hotel is to the north terminal. We cleared security by 5.30am with no problems and then I had my breakfast – mmmm banana porridge, my favourite!

We speedy boarded onto the plane and took off on time. I’m just hoping that my buggy made it on as the lady made us leave it at the gate. Moscow could be a little awkward without it!

Back again later with my first impressions of Russia. Otherwise time for a quick nap.


We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

Yesterday we went on a family outing to London Zoo. The Big M&D are members so it means we get to go through the fast track entrance. Not particularly necessary on a muggy day in September, but essential during the summer holidays.

We took a stroll down Regent’s Canal to get there, starting from Granary Square (see Saturday’s blog Sweet William) and came off at Primrose Hill. Once in the zoo we went straight into the butterfly enclosure. I love it as they always land on my buggy! We had to check ourselves when we came out for hitch hikers!!

We then went onto the tigers. Daddy tiger was in a BAD mood. He roared a lot at his kids. Loads of people screamed. I wasn’t scared though. Having spent months as a tiger myself (see my another day, another costume post) I am down with the cats!

Next up was the aquarium. I love the lights and the tropical colours.


Finally, we went to see the gorillas. The daddy was eating. He’s apparently called a silverback and can be very ferocious. However, he wasn’t scary today. He was just like the Big D and went for a nap after lunch!


We’re off to the Sofitel hotel at Gatwick airport now, to spend the night before our flight to Moscow. I’ll let you know how it is in the morning. See you tomorrow!