Bed head

I have devised a new sleep index. I think it will take off. It is based around the state of your hair in the morning.

For instance this morning’s look:

This bird’s nest of a style signifies deep but active sleep.

Whereas yesterday’s do (unfortunately no photo) was nice and neat illustrating a deep and still night. And there are many styles in between! No doubt the BMJ will be knocking at my door soon enough wanting to publish… You heard it here first!

Hair we go

I’ve learnt yet another important life skill – this time the art of hair brushing. I’m very good at it, unlike the big D.

My godmother gave me my first hair brush and I shall now make daily use of it to keep my hair looking spick and span.

I think I’m seeing my godmother tomorrow, so will also treat myself to a hair wash tonight!

My first haircut: does my forehead look big in this?

Today I discovered something important – the Big M is no hairdresser. This is a crucial lesson for later life when style matters.

My fringe has been somewhat overgrown for a while and was beginning to get in my eyes. I was quite keen to emulate an early Harry Styles but they don’t sell baby hair product.

The Big M nervous of scissor related injuries took the baby nail scissors to my locks and now I look like a scarecrow – albeit a handsome one, even if I say so myself.

Next time I think I’ll try the big D’s barbering skills.